What the Cell!
A project by Teresa Rubio

What the Cell! A Macro Look at the Unit of Life

From 23 February, 2021, to 13 May, 2022

What the Cell! is inspired by the smallest existing unit of life in order to articulate the mediation programme of Barcelona Producció 2021-2022. The cell and its function and chemical activity become a metaphor for behaviour and interaction between people (cells), communities (tissues) and the city (ecosystems) through the use of a micro-macro scale game.

What keeps us alive? How is life sustained? Can art improve the health of a place? Today we know that cooperation has made evolution possible. The selected projects are the genetic material (DNA) with which to imagine ideas that favour symbiosis and coexistence among living beings.


Teresa Rubio is a cultural mediator, art educator and collage artist. She graduated in Art History from the University of Salamanca and University of Siena, obtained a DEA at the University of Barcelona and completed a Master’s degree in Art Criticism and Communication at the University of Girona.

She views mediation as a creative act per se and works with the possibilities of art as a tool for transformation and encounter in specific contexts. She has promoted and curated 42º Latitud Arte, the contemporary art season in Tudela (Navarra), and since 2009 has co-directed the educational service of the Tecla Sala art centre in L’Hospitalet. She is interested in working from the body and affections, as well as the practice of collage as a technique and full metaphor.


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