Què s'amaga dins el nostre cos
Family activity conducted by Clara Pelegrín and Teresa Rubio

What lies hidden inside our body?

Friday 9 and Wednesday 14 July 2021, at 6 pm

What lies hidden inside our body?

This question will take us on a voyage of play and discovery to find out what lies hidden behind the cellular imagination. A macro perspective to help us explore the microscopic that constitutes us and gives us life. We will discover the cell, its functions and behaviour; we will ask ourselves what DNA is and what our identity is; we will observe everything that is alive and surrounds us, and we will consider possible forms of coexistence, sustainability and care.

Friday 9 July at 6 pm

Wednesday 14 July at 6 pm


Recommended ages: from 4 to 11 years old

Free. Limited capacity with prior registration required at: lacapella@bcn.cat  or by phone 932562044 or at the La Capella reception desk (c. Hospital 56)

This activity is a proposal within Teresa Rubio's What the cell! mediation programme.

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