what the cell!
Activity for families led by Clara Pelegrín and Teresa Rubio

What is hidden inside our bodies?

Saturday 30 October, 13 November and 18 December, 2021

What is hidden inside our bodies? This question provides the starting point for a journey that involves play to discover what lies behind what our imaginings about cells. We will begin with a macro view and from there delve into the microscopic realm to see what we are made of and what gives us life. We will discover the cell, its functions and behaviour. We will ask ourselves what DNA is and what our identity is. We will observe everything that is alive and around us and will consider possible forms of co-existence, sustainability and care.

Saturday 30 October at 12.00 midday

Saturday 13 November at 12.00 midday

Saturday 18 December at 12.00 midday

Recommended age group: 4-11

Free admission. Limited number of places. Prior registration in advance required by email to lacapella@bcn.cat.




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