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Techniques for Immortality. Intergenerational workshop

Thursday 31 March 2022 from 6 pm to 8 pm

Techniques for Immortality is a workshop dealing with reversing the death of the lore that forms part of our cultural being.

Invoking proverbs becomes a ritual that questions and examines these sayings as part of a normative discourse that praises, punishes or judges experiences and behavioural norms, although it also simultaneously opens up spaces of resistance. Orality, writing and potions with space dust, body hair, “weeds” and glitter will help us to knead an elixir of immortality with which to preserve our wisdom.

Larre is a feminist proactive force that occupies a variety of places and bodies in criticism, practice and research in order to generate mediation proposals and collaborative spaces from which to indicate, question and reconstruct submerged realities, theories and practices from today’s cultural sector. Larre is Priscila Clementti, Lara García Díaz and Ángela Palacios.


Mediation proposal revolving around the research project Dying Cool: Rituals of Transition by the DU-DA collective (Sarai Cumplido, Belén Soto, Sonia G. Villar and Clara Piazuelo), which is part of the project What the Cell! A Macro Look at the Unit of Life.

Workshop for all ages.

Limited capacity. Prior registration by writing to:

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