La vostra
La vostra

Looking with Your Body, Touching with Your Eyes

Thursday 7 April 2022, from 6.30 pm to 8 pm

Looking with Your Body, Touching with Your Eyes is an invitation to relate to the exhibition in a different way. A fold-out publication details a series of small actions to get your body moving, predisposing ourselves to be affected by the images we take in and to having a new experience of the gaze. The presentation of this material is an open activity for activating these proposals together, shaking our cells and letting our eyes fall on the body. We invite you to move your body to move your gaze.

La vostra is an affective organism that straddles the practice of contemporary dance, reflection embodied on the body and the desire to throw it about. Consisting of Iera Delp, Júlia Francino, Marga Oller and Teresa Rubio, La vostra puts into dance interests in the graphic arts and movement, poetry, pedagogy and collage to imagine and stir ideas to do with the way we are and how we perceive the environment and specifically the exhibition context.

Looking with Your Body, Touching with Your Eyes is an activity related to the Multispecies Imaginaries exhibition by Christian Alonso, part of Teresa Rubio’s mediation project What the Cell! A Macro Look at the Unit of Life.

Activities for every body.


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