Workshop given by Jara Rocha + txe

Bavemelieke Remnaceruno

Thursday, 27 May, 2021 from 5 pm to 7 pm

Oblique focus session with, from and through Makebelieve Neuromancer.

Circulating first and second wave reverberations within the exhibition setting by using the format of a short-lived club (film club, book club, amateur radio club) as a methodology of encounter, we can observe and invite matter and semiotics to transform themselves with devices other than those of the exhibition, jointly asking ourselves what repertoires are triggered with Makebelieve Neuromancer when they share a club with other focus technologies.

Participants are therefore invited to bring an object of their own inspired by the exhibition.


Limited capacity with prior bookings at:


Jara Rocha studies, mediates and experiments with cultural studies of technology based on an antifa and trans*feminist sensibility.

txe searches in the cracks for that power with which to cause discomfort; she also plants tomatoes.


This activity is part of the DNA proposals, the line of activating projects selected in Barcelona Producció within Teresa Rubio’s What the cell! mediation programme.


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