Dying Cool: Rituals of Transition
DU-DA (Sarai Cumplido, Belén Soto, Sonia G. Villar and Clara Piazuelo)

Dying Cool: Rituals of Transition

Dying Cool: Rituals of Transition is an investigation by DU-DA into the prevailing discourses on death, illness and ageing and their counter-narratives. It involves recovering critical voices of the politics of death, as well as voices that inform us about other cosmological models and rites related to this transformation. Western culture has suppressed the rituals of passage that symbolise death and change. Although the Church has its own ceremonies, they have fallen into disuse and fail to challenge us. Moreover, the asepsis and bureaucratisation of the intermediary institutions of death deprive us of the proximity required to ritualise it and connect with the spiritual and magical emanating from the corpse. Is it possible to hack these institutions? What knowledge do we rely on when it comes to organising our own rituals in relation to death and transformation?


DU-DA is a collective comprising Sarai Cumplido, Belén Soto, Sonia G. Villar and Clara Piazuelo. It draws on tools and knowledge from libertarian schools, laboratories of ferment, books on witches and the cookbooks of our grandmothers. All the projects it conducts question our ways of cohabiting in order to imagine other possible present-futures.

More information: duda.net

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