Són els microorganismes els que tindran l'última paraula. Activitat 1: Huerta La Vanguardia

Són els microorganismes els que tindran l'última paraula. Activity 1: La Vanguardia vegetable garden

Projecte deslocalitzat. Barcelona Producció 2017

In this first session to open the project, we propose a day in the La Vanguardia occupied vegetable garden. This is the first space chosen as a context of active and disruptive fermentation. The La Vanguardia vegetable garden does not break the land into plots or formally dividide its harvests. The La Vanguardia vegetable garden has no legal or juridical body that represents it. The La Vanguardia vegetable garden is recognised as an active, crosscutting and effervescent space. The La Vanguardia vegetable garden is one year old. The La Vanguardia vegetable garden is provisions and the beginning of the cycle and activates the project's circle of interventions.

At La Vanguardia, Sundays are a day for working amd meeting up. On Sunday 29 October, there are the preparations for the Day of the Dead that the garden is organising jointly with Mexican groups for the night of 31 October. To think of death as a manifestation of life, an ending as a new beginning, fermentation in essence and as a process.

WE will spend the morning sharing the dynamics of the vegetable garden and joining the preparations for the altar and Mexican festival. We will cook lunch together on the spot using the technology and infrastructure that the location provides, creating a meal based on fermented foods and some ingredients from the garden. After lunch, we hold a workshop open to everyone to share in the preparation of nuka, the fermented food that we have chosen to link to this context, as it allows us to use vegetables that we harvest, put them in the nuka and get them fermented in just a few hours. This workshop is connected with the platform Low-tech Magazine and will be attended by Kris de Decker and Adriana Parra, with whom we are leading a reasearch into energy savings and the use of fermentation.

The activity is free of charge and open to all, in every age group. If you would like to stay for lunch, please send us an email at i@nyamnyam.net so we can plan to have enough for all.

Sunday, October 29th, from noon to 6 pm. La Vanguardia vegetable garden. Llull street/Llacuna street (Poblenou district).