son els microorganismes els que tindran l'última paraula. publicació

It is the microorganisms that will have the last word. Vermouth and presentation of publication

Saturday June 30, 2018, at noon

Publication presentation and vermouth
It is the microorganisms that will have the last word
La Vanguardia vegetable garden (Carrer de Llull with Carrer de la Llacuna)
Saturday 30 June at 12 pm

The project publication is ready and we would like to share it with all of you. On Saturday 30 June we will share an aperitif at the La Vanguardia vegetable garden where everything began. We like cycles and also celebrating everything that has happened over these nine months. The publication will be offered free to everyone who comes to the presentation and we are very pleased.

The texts created for this publication are by Lara Garcia Diaz, Aaron Vansintjan, Ramón Gabarrós (Cruïlles), Jordi Mas (la Tribu Sugurú) and Nerea Ribas Castro, who collected the collective writing of the La Vanguardia vegetable garden. These five texts capture the essence of it all, and we feel that microorganisms and fermentation can continue to spread through time and space through their words. Aaron Vansintjan writes:

When modernity meets its end-point and creates a world where everything is sterile, controlled, and known, there will be little space for fermentation. But there will also be little space for free thought: thinking that bubbles up out of the corners, appreciates complexity, multiplies relationships, navigates the subtle contours of life and death. Modern life makes fermentation unintuitive and difficult. But it’s precisely this practice that can help us come to a different way of thinking and approaching the world. A world where fermentation is integrated into our daily life might be a bit messier, but it would also be more caring to the many life forms with whom we co-exist.

Microorganisms will have the last word is the delocalized project from Nyamnyam cultural association selected for Barcelona Producció 2017. Collaborators on the project include Paula Gertel, La Vanguardia vegetable garden, Kris de Decker, Adriana Parra, Aaron Vansintjan, la Tribu Sugurú, Jordi Mas, Festival Sâlmon<, Cruïlles, Anna Coromina, Aviv Kruglanski, Ramón Gabarrós, Los Ganglios, Lara Garcia Diaz and Rubén Ramos Nogueira.