Cloe Masotta, Allò escrit / Allò inscrit  (mediacions)
A proposal by Cloe Masotta and Guille Mongan

The Written / The Transcribed (mediations)

Monday 20, Wednesday 22 and Thursday, July, 2020

How do we read? How do we write? How do we trace our movements? What tracks remain of our activity, of this conversation with the written word as artists or readers? What shapes or materialities can they take?

During his stay in Europe from 1974 to 1979, Argentine intellectual Oscar Masotta wrote letters that crossed the ocean, published books and also highlighted as many as had come to him as a reader. Through his strokes, his daughter Cloe Masotta gets closer to her father by transcribing the steps of her reading body in the family letters, while Guille Mongan, artist and historian of Argentine art, is fascinated by the highlighted text, the crossing out and the notes in the margins of the books Oscar Masotta read. Each of them chooses a path for approaching the materials from their different locations (in turn already working in collaboration), and the encounter between the two proposals gives rise to a cartography, a topography, a navigation chart to seemingly buried memory, recapturing S. Kracauer’s fine reflection on family photographs “buried as if under a layer of snow”.

In this jointly coordinated workshop, we invite you to investigate your marks in books, your prints written in notes, in forgotten jottings, your corpographies transcribed in media beyond imagination through which to investigate possible forms, rearrangements, disorganizations, visual narratives, cartographies and spatial, corporeal, objectual choreographies they may take.


The workshop is structured into three two-hour encounters:

Monday 20 July: Presentation, models and first proposal.

Wednesday 22 July: Sharing participant experiences and second proposal.

Thursday 30 July: Presentations and conclusions.


Format: online workshop.

Schedule: Monday 20 July, Wednesday 22 July and Thursday 30 July, from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Workshop limited to 15 participants.

Advance registration via email to A brief motivation letter must be included with your request.

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