Cloe Masotta presentació
Cloe Masotta

Presentation of the publication "Tendremos que encontrar un lugar donde encontrarnos"

Wednesday 2 December 2020, at 8 p.m. Auditori Meier MACBA

A wound gives off its own light

surgeons say.

If all the lamps in the house were turned out

you could dress this wound

by what shines from it.

Anne Carson, The Beauty of the Husband


The publication Tendremos que encontrar un lugar donde encontrarnos (We Will Have to Find a Place to Meet) is first and foremost a loving encounter between a daughter and her father through letters he wrote over 40 years ago to his mother. The author’s father was the Argentinean artist and intellectual Oscar Masotta, who boarded a ship bound for Europe in 1974. He lived in London and then afterwards in Barcelona, where he died four years later. In 2016, after 17 years without setting foot in Buenos Aires, Cloe Masotta went to the house where her father had spent his childhood. There she found a box full of letters and photographs, a moving and fragile collection in no particular order, an invitation to stitch up the wounds of her own history with a thread of light.


Auditori Meier - MACBA

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