Oscar Holloway, Otherly Seers
Oscar Holloway

Otherly Seers

From 5 October, 2021, to 16 January, 2022

Otherly Seers is an exhibition that displays several avenues of research focused on the structures of knowledge and representation of vision, emotions and otherness in non-human animals. Based on four books, and using hyperbole, play, repetition and absurdity, the exhibition fantasises about how the constrictions and limits of human perception lead to speculation and fabulation.


Oscar Holloway (Barcelona, 1989) is an artist, curator and researcher. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in curating from Central Saint Martins (London). He lives and works in Malla.

His image-based projects and research and his interest in the construction of natural history and the representation of non-human animals have been previously explored in solo exhibitions such as GEN 37:29 (Museu de Tortosa, 2020, part of the Obres els dipòsits project, maintained by Frederic Montornés and produced by Transversal), Cows Twombly (Ana Mas Projects, 2020; Casino de Vic, 2019), Captures: The Shooting of the Future (Arts Visuals Can Felipa, Barcelona, 2019), Por que os peixes saltam acima da superfície da água (Geological Museum, Lisbon, 2017) and Dioramas (Divus Gallery, London, 2014).



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