Ruta Opaca
Gerard Ortin Castellví and Guillem Serrahima

The Opaque Route: Alimentary platforms, distribution infrastructures, consumption and data flow

Tuesday 28 September 2021, at 7 pm

The Opaque Route proposes an itinerary of the physical and digital infrastructures behind the underground economy of food delivery. During the lockdown we witnessed the boom of online food delivery services and the so-called “Dark Kitchens”. This route will enable us to understand the opaqueness of the actual alimentary regimes, as well as their chains of production, distribution and consumption. At the same time it will lead us to a debate about the correlations existing between data flow, precarious job conditions and food manipulation in the context of the city of Barcelona.

The five locations of the itinerary will reveal the role of  urban chains of interdependence in the capitalistic development of food distribution platforms. Making visible what is normally perceived as occult, this activity aims to motivate a critical reflection, analysis and evaluation of the changes resulted from the use of data for capitalistic purposes.


Activity with limited capacity, the registration form will open soon.

Activity linked to the exhibition Agrilogística, by Gerard Ortín Castellví and in collaboration with the Mediation department of the CCCB within the framework of the Science Friction exhibition.

Limited capacity, get your tickets here.



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