On Mediation/7 (Programme of curatorial studies) work team

Online presentation of the project <eye-framing=OM7>

Saturday 30 January, 2021, 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm

Presentació en línia del projecte <eye-framing=OM7>, by de l’equip de treball del Programa d’Estudis Curatorials On Mediation/7.

Amb la participació de Nora Ancarola i Annaimiquel.

Dissabte 30 de gener del 2021, 17:30-19:30h.

*Prior registration is required HERE


<eye-framing=OM7> is a project that activates, updates and expands La Comunitat, the digital archive that contains the profile of the creators connected with La Capella during the 25 years it has been in existence. <eye-framing=OM7> is conceived as a device that interacts with La Comunitat, exploring its ethical, aesthetic and political potentialities and widening its limits.


The research processes bring into play the notions of ‘archive’, ‘community’ and ‘future’, which in turn are intertwined with the discourses of the creators in La Comunitat with the aim of imagining different accounts and raising their visibility. These accounts are posited as visions of the future and, at the same time, as mechanisms that build communities. Mechanisms that revolve around the core issues of history, memory, travel, language, the affects, care, capital, border zones, the relationship with the physical world, the connection between art and the user, and the materiality of bodies. The project brings together narratives that develop in a rhizomatic manner, framing fictions and exploring the possibilities of the communal in the social space.


<eye-framing=OM7> is a project organised by the curatorial team consisting of Bella Araneda Puentes, Germina Bastardas, Arthur Brun, Juan Antonio Cerezuela Zaplana, Zahira Dehn Tutosaus, Diana Juanpere Dunyó, Victoria Ellm, Santiago Parra Barrios, Ivana Pinna, Anna Stec and Laura Zapata. It is co-ordinated by Christian Alonso and Olga Sureda. It is being run as part of the practical phase of On Mediation/7 (programme of curatorial studies), directed by Martí Peran. With the support of La Capella.