Neurodungeon - role play game

NeuroXcape: the Role Play Game (Chapel Club)

Sunday 15 May 2022, at 6 pm

Once upon a time-space…

A notification pops up in your brain’s neocortex…

‘Your Neural Operating System is not up to date. Go to the DATACOMBS, Inc. servers crypt and update your firmware to ensure your data-blood is not deleted.’

Reality is constantly mutating; a New Cybermedieval Dark Ages will soon be upon us. Data are the new coveted currency and magitek-non-logical corporations have become the new global superpowers, hungry for knowledge that they extract and process on their technofeudal platforms.

DATACOMBS, Inc. has emerged as the most powerful vectorialist kingdom. This longstanding corporation, governed today by the DataVamp system, has pushed the planet into a new geological era known as the ‘Vampirocene’.

In this Solid State Society, various autonomous systems (Virtual.ELF, CybORK, AGI-FAE, ProTROLLgen and DataVamp) exist simultaneously in meatspace and in the neural network known as NeuroDungeon™.

NeuroDungeon™ is a terrifying neurototalitarian memetic synchronisation program. What is the aim of this script? Is there any way to escape from the control of this magitek artificial neural network and reclaim agency over our data-blood? What kind of metaplot are we caught up in?

NEUROXCAPE: the Role Play Game is a fantasy sci-fi work that operates as an abstraction of our behaviour on social media, grouping types or patterns of online behaviour into fantastical clans or systems. It is an expanded collective performance project, a work of fiction that takes the form of an urban fantasy (science fiction + medieval fantasy) live-action role playing game (LARP) that uses the context of leisure as a scenario in the form of a club (physical and virtual). An essay on connectivity on social media by tech companies, online versus away from keyboard (AFK) relationships and personal interconnection with our data.

It will take place in the physical world (Chapel Club) and the virtual realm (internet and Club Cooee) in an event that five groups of participants and their avatars will be invited to take part in: a quest to imagine a multiple collective environment, new mental and social spaces.

Once upon a time, there was a collective mind locked up in the dungeon of its own thought...


NeuroDungeon is an artistic and electronic music collective, the core of which consists of Kaverna, Bartolomé and Y€$Si Perse.

Their early actions were the ‘NeuroXcape’ virtual raves (Club Cooee) and the ‘Nu:cenosis’ online music festival (IMVU). They appeared in Primavera Pro 2021 and the Narthex Festival (Methana, Greece) and are performing in the ACTIVE ACTIVISM ACT group exhibition in the immersive space at IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals de Barcelona. They have also taught students about ‘virtual projects’ on the official Master’s in Architectural Communication at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.



To participate in this performance, write us at: