Michael Roberson, Sabel Gavaldon, Beatriz Preciado, entre altres

A Museum of Gesture. Vogue’analysis workshop lead by Michael Roberson ‘Ballroom has something to say about being human and the struggle for freedom’

December 5, 2013. Workshop. BCN Production'13

Michael Roberson is a Ballroom icon, queer theologian and public health activist from New York City. This workshop will draw on the theories and radical practices of African-American feminists and Womanist theologians, in order to collectively analyse the body techniques and performative strategies that allow the House/Ballroom culture, originated in Harlem, New York, to confront the AIDS crisis and to dismantle the configurations of oppression formed when racism, sexism, poverty and other forms of discrimination intersect.

Thursday 5 December, 4:00 – 7:00 pm
Location: Capella MACBA

Registration through pei@macba.cat




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