Museu Oral de la Revolució

A Museum of Gesture. Acts of enunciation of the Oral Museum of the Revolution

December 7, 2013. Oral Museum of the Revolution.

Michael Roberson, participant in the exhibition ‘A Museum of Gesture’, takes part in the public programme ‘Oral Museum of the Revolution’, organised by PEI. This session at Capella MACBA will bring together the performative contributions of a multiplicity of agents focusing on the question of how to make audible and present in the museum and the city the languages of social transformation invented by racial, gender, sexual, bodily, functional and cognitive diverse minorities.

Michael Roberson, Javier Peñafiel (¡al oral!), Nadia Granados «La Fulminante», Pedro Costa, Jaume Ferrete, Antonio Centeno and Enric Lluc. Post-op, Quimera Rosa, Lucrecia Masson, Virginie Despentes, Mount Zion Soldiers, Rut Castells, Guerrilla urbana de act.

Saturday 7 December, 7:00 pm 
Location: Capella MACBA

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