Serps aiguamitja Sitesize

Medium water. Perceptual route along the streams that cross the Diagonal between Pedralbes and Glòries

Saturday 17 October, 2020. Prior registration required

With the artistic project Serps d'aigua, we have identified the waterways that have naturally crossed the plain of Barcelona from the Collserola mountain range to the sea. All these waterways, in the form of streams or torrents, have been diverted, buried or annulled and their trace is only manifested in the names of the streets that still point to it. But its trace survives, the influence of the watercourse remains on the energy it moves and also on the erected constructions, the housed institutions or the events that have taken place around it.

To recognize the streams and torrents that cross the plain of Barcelona in its central part, we propose an exploration following Avinguda Diagonal, between the barracks of Pedralbes and Plaça de les Glòries.

At the crossroads between the waterways and the strict layout of the Diagonal on both sides of the plain, you can see some strengths of great relevance, the confluence of urban centers, the memory of remarkable events in the social history and the location of prominent institutions in the construction of the city. This avenue within the Cerdà plot has acted as a symbolic axis, but also from the urban and narrative staging of a hegemony still active. It is above other considerations the scene of social representation and the symbolic mark of bourgeois power that has defined Barcelona from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

Being able to read this territory from the manifestation of waterways acts as a rescue that connects us with the natural force of torrents and streams, relativizing the social structures of power and highlighting the active potential of hidden water. Perceiving and recognizing this power means building a new relationship with the city following the current of the waters.

The route is by bicycle. Check the conditions at


Saturday, October 17, from 4 p.m.

Meeting place: to be determined



Prior registration is required by email:



It is mandatory to wear a mask, keep a safe distance of 1.5 m and follow the instructions of the organizing staff.

Approximate route: 4.5 km.


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