Mónica Rikić

Mónica Rikić, exhibition Hipertèlia in La Capella, photo by Pep Herrero (2023)

Mónica Rikić

Hipertelia (Centro Párraga, Murcia)

Itinerancy. From 13 January to 24 February 2024

Hipertelia is the term used in Catalan to describe the enlargement of an organ to the extent that it no longer fulfils its function. Cognitive technologies have become an overdeveloped organ, generating anxiety and uncertainty about the future. What agency do we have in defining this future? This exhibition suggests possible alternatives for the evolution of artificial intelligences through handmade electronic devices. Thus, sculptures, installations and moving pieces derived from algorithmic programming provide us with an object and philosophical crisis: an imaginary strangely trapped between the artificial and the organic, between the machine and life.

The itinerancy of the Hipertelia exhibition is part of the Concentric program in collaboration with Centro Párraga de Murcia.

More information: Centro Párraga




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