Hipertèlia, Mónica Rikić
Mónica Rikić


From 18 April to 25 June 2023. Espai Capella

Hipertèlia is an exhibition proposal framed around the concept of technodiversity. Conceptually, it centres on imagining through art the possibilities for the evolution of AI and the potential consequences of this for humankind. With a view to formulating a critique of technological deterministic thinking, this end of humankind as we know it is not presented as a replacement of humans by machines, but is based on analysing to what extent the cognitive power of machines will end up transforming humans. Unlike other proposals around the intersection between artificial intelligence and art – which tend to deal with the creative possibilities of machines – this project focuses on questions, research and experiments around the characteristics that artificial cognitive systems must have in order to be regarded as conscious and sentient organisms. Rather than simply analysing the technological resources needed to develop artificial consciousnesses, the proposal aims to argue that their possibilities of existence also reside in a question of philosophical attribution. Are we capable of accepting that artificial inorganic systems are part of the multispecies configuration of the world?


Mónica Rikić (Barcelona, 1986). Electronic artist. 2021 Catalan National Prize for Culture. BA in Fine Arts (University of Barcelona). MA in Digital Arts (Pompeu Fabra University). MA in Philosophy (Open University of Catalonia). Studying for a PhD in Network and Information Technologies (Open University of Catalonia).

In her practice, she focuses on creative code and electronics, combining them with non-digital objects to create interactive projects and robotic installations. Her special area of interest is the social impact of technologies and critical thinking concerning AI.

She has participated in a number of international festivals, among them Ars Electronica in Linz, Creative Tech Week in New York, Robotronica in Australia and FILE in Brazil. Her work has been shown in Catalan institutions such as the CCCB, Arts Santa Mònica, CaixaForum and the Disseny Hub. She was awarded a Leonardo grant by the Fundació BBVA, as well as prizes at the Japan Media Arts Festival, AMAZE Berlin and the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition (Atlanta). She has participated in artistic residencies in numerous international programmes. Her work is held in collections such as the .NewArt {foundation;} and the Col·lecció DKV.