Pantalles Monica Rikic
Mónica Rikić with Gema FB Martín

Conversation about robotic personality

Friday 9 June 2023, at 6 pm

Guided tour of the Hipertèlia exhibition based on a conversation between Gema FB Martín, psychologist and researcher specialising in artificial intelligence, and Mónica Rikić.

The key issues that inspired the exhibition’s conceptual development will be presented during this session by following a route that examines the social and emotional implications of cognitive technologies and the metaphors that define them. Gema will discuss the method of elaborating robotic thinking models based on her professional experience in the field of AI.

‘Fiction dreams so that science proves and technology builds,’ Gema FB Martín, 2015

Gema FB Martín is a clinical psychologist, scientist and artist with three strands of research: (1) Computational models of artificial emotions for social robots; (2) Immersive virtual environments for therapy, and (3) Mental health and sublimation. She currently lives and works as a lecturer in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and collaborates with two laboratories: (CAR) CSIC-UPM (Madrid) and Human Cognition and Brain Studies Laboratory (Monterrey).

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