Estel boada Pertú
Estel Boada

FORYOU (the offering)

Saturday 27 May 2023. Registration required

PERTÚ (l'ofrena) (FORYOU [the offering]) is a series of actions performed in a space that nurtures physical and mental wellbeing during a day in Alella.

Starting with the idea of time as contemporary gold, PERTÚ is an ode to it by creating a pause shared with other artists that will lead to the generation of tools to help us bear our day-to-day lives in a new way. Breathe in and breathe out, get ready to enjoy a complete boost with pilates, music, poetry, good food and a touch of humour.

🗓 27 May from 10 am to 7 pm

❗ Limited capacity. To attend you must send a letter to



A project by Estel Boada. With the participation of: Júlia Barbany, Za! (Pau Rodríguez and Eduard Pou), Esperit! (Mau Boada), Sara Fontán, Gabriel Ventura, Gavina Ibern and Mar Medina.

With the collaboration of: Can Bernadas (Alella)



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