Estel boada Pertú
Estel Boada

FORYOU (the offering)

Off-site project

PERTÚ (l'ofrena) (FORYOU [the offering]) is a series of actions performed in a space that nurtures physical and mental wellbeing. Starting with the idea of time as contemporary gold, PERTÚ is an ode to it by creating a pause shared with other artists that will lead to the generation of tools to help us bear our day-to-day lives in a new way. Breathe in and breathe out, get ready to enjoy a complete boost with pilates, music, poetry, good food and a touch of humour.

With the participation of: Júlia Barbany, Za! (Pau Rodríguez and Eduard Pou), Esperit! (Mau Boada), Sara Fontán, Gabriel Ventura, Gavina Ibern and Mar Medina.


Estel Boada Ibern (Mataró, 1991) began her artistic career by curating various contemporary art projects in 2013, among them Ciclo Macarena, El Ciclo del Siglo, Llucifest and L’Assalt. She has created installations and performances based on personal, historical, geographical and spatial anecdotes and incidents in public places and art centres (Sala d’Art Jove, Can Felipa, Muhba, La Virreina, MAC, Maristany, Matadero, Goethe Institut and Ey!Studio). Alongside this, she has worked on a range of art and education projects linked to drawing and performances (Fundació Miró, Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc, EART, MACBA and BCN Dibuixa!), she has directed a radio programme (Ràdio Fluorescer) and has performed as a singer with a number of bands (, Esperit! and La Orquesta del Caballo Ganador).


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