From 24 January to 19 February 2023

A*LIVE is a public programme in the form of a multilayered event in an expanded format launched by A*DESK in 2010. There have been nine editions to date, each organised in collaboration with different art institutions, among them the Fundació Suñol, Santa Mònica, ARCO, La Capella, Escola Massana, CCCB, Hangar and La Virreina.

As part of the Concèntric programme, we are presenting the videos from the last three editions:

A*LIVE_L’Inesperat (in partnership with the CCCB, streamed on 11/12/2020)

A*LIVE_Masters of Implosion (in partnership with Hangar, screened on 26/12/2021)

A*LIVE R-evolución adolescente: entre el meme y el drama (in partnership with La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, presented in front of an audience live on 21/9/2022)


The opening day, January 24th, at 20h, El Palomar will activate the exhibition A*LIVE with a musical session of their new album "There must be justice".


A*DESK, International and Independent Institute of Criticism and Contemporary Art, is the initiative of a group of contemporary art professionals. The mission of A*DESK is to vindicate actively the value of creative thought and to generate debate around art and contemporary culture.