Magical Theys, Alicia Arevalo

Magical Theys, Alicia Arevalo

corporalitats expandides, Montse Aránega

corporalitats expandides, Montse Aránega

La Reina de la noche, Noela Covelo Velasco/Élise Moreau 

La Reina de la noche, Noela Covelo Velasco/Élise Moreau 

Concèntric: La Capella / Club 9

LES NOU: Montse Aránega, Alicia Arévalo, Noela Covelo Velasco/Élise Moreau

Friday 15 March 2024, at 6 pm

LES NOU is a program of presentations of the projects in residence at Nau Estruch, a space for production of performing practices. Every three months, NauEstruch hosts three visual and performing arts projects in residence. In total, nine projects each season. The nine artists from these nine performance projects present in La Capella their projects.

Ale Garofano, Núria Rosselló and Marta Moreno were the artists who presented the project last October 19. This March 15 will be the turn of the presentation of the projects in residence by Montse Aránega, Alícia Arévalo and Élise Moreau / Noela Covelo Velasco. This is an initiative conceived within the framework of the Concèntric program, a collaboration between CLUB9 -platform for the promotion of performative practices- and La Capella.

Alicia Arévalo, Magical Theys

Magical Theys is an installation and performative proposal that reflects on non-binary and fluid gender through magical fictions, taking as inspiration the anime and manga of Magical Girls. In these narratives, the use of special costumes that magically appear as a ritualized transformation called Henshin predominates. This act of performance linked to clothing is a powerful mechanism of identity construction related to the creation of dissident imaginaries and corporalities.

The intention is to redefine the imaginary of the knight and the heroic figures as a speculation imagined from a queer perspective. For this reason, transparent, ornate, vulnerable, flexible, fragile, hybrid armors will be activated that, through Drag king practices, will serve to shape deviant corporalities that exceed binomials.

With the support of Art Jove Creació 2024, Sala d'Art Jove


Montse Aránega, expanded corporalities

expanded corporalities explores the conditions and possibilities of the performative practice of drawing as an embodied device of expression in extension. Through a deviation from the conventionality of the easel, the project investigates the experiential experience of drawing in physical space, where the body emerges as an active agent of artistic creation. Thus, emphasis is placed on the organic-affective and conceptual implications and also on the materiality of the action.


Noela Covelo Blasco / Élise Moreau, There is magic in this room

There is magic in this room is an epilogue project to the opera The Magic Flute, which focuses on the eponymous character of the proposal. It investigates the mechanisms of the opera genre and examines them from an experimental artistic perspective. The research into the specificity of the Queen of the Night and the three ladies allows us to create another narrative based on craftsmanship, transparency and precarious fantasy.

This proposal also has the support of the Azala cultural and residence project, from Araba.


With the collaboration of Ajuntament de Sabadell and CLUB9