Belén Soto, x k estoy triste?
Belén Soto

x k estoy triste? (y am i sad?)

Publication project

I wrote stories and poetry for years, and drew a few things. It is all about contradictions. It has to do, in short, with desire and pleasure, with play, with queers and dykes and our pasts and the worlds we imagine, with attention and curiosity, with subverting the intimate and the public, with a counter-authoritarian appropriation of prayer, with humour, with constantly seeking the light, with being critical and disturbing and politically engaged. I would now like to collaborate with Paula so she can help me think about what I do with authorship, to select and order texts... And I also want Helga to accompany me in designing what the publication will be as an object.


Belén Soto
I coordinate Hamaca’s public programmes. After beginning a course in design, I began independent studies in the fields of art, culture and politics, and I did a Master in Cultural Management. Co-founder of DU-DA (active between 2018-2022) and Galaxxia (active between 2018-2020). I have collaborated in research projects with organisations such as Hamaca or PAAC. I have worked in Hangar’s research division, in TMTMTM, in mediations for Medialab Prado and so on.