Enrique Radigales
Enrique Radigales

The wild user experience

Digital environments project

This research project aims to revive the multifarious multimedia sphere in CD-ROM format shown between 1999 and 2001 in Barcelona as part of the Fiftyfifty initiative, a cultural agitator and distributor founded by Pedro Soler and Enrique Radigales.

Nowadays, exploring these interfaces is almost an anthropological exercise. In these works, the interaction exudes a wild freedom far removed from the concepts of usability that came to be applied later on.

The purpose is to reclaim/measure/question that early experience in front of the screen at a time of transition full of epiphanies by focusing our attention on that blurry space of that particular era and which arose when we brought together the realms of analogue knowledge and the first digital awakening.


Enrique Radigales (Saragossa, 1970) is one of the pioneering artists and researchers in digital languages in Spain. His work has been shown in institutional galleries such as the CA2M, Matadero, Casa Encendida, and CentroCentro, Madrid; MACBA, La Virreina, La Capella, FAD and Can Felipa, Barcelona; Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao; Montermoso, Vitoria; CDAN, Huesca; LABoral, Gijón; Freies Museum, Berlin; OMA, Seoul; Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow; Eyebeam, New York; Museu da Imagen o do Som, São Paulo; and the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.

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