Quan ja no ens escalfa el sol, Zaida Trallero
A project curated by Zaida Trallero

When the Sun No Longer Warms Us

From 6 July to 24 September 2023. Espai Rampa

Quan ja no ens escalfa el sol (When the Sun No Longer Warms Us) proposes to consider through artistic practice the effect that constructivist violence and processes such as gentrification have on our bodies. It is designed to be a site-specific project, a space for dialogue, a choreography. Because gentrification is movement, it is displacement, it is a close relationship with a space that is broken, with a territory.

It starts with works created based on the direct impact of an urban change. These pieces serve as a trigger in a collective process in which the device of the exhibition becomes an installation, sound and dance. Quan ja no ens escalfa el sol posits a different approach, another possibility for addressing a set of problems in our cities.


Zaida Trallero. Trallero pursues her practice in a number of fields: curating, writing, research and cultural management. Since 2017, she has been a member of the trama34 cultural association and artists’ workshop (L'Hospitalet del Llobregat), where she runs projects such as Els col·leccionables del kiosk solitari; AF.FAIR. Another fucking fair; and Meta Monumental Market. She has worked with spaces and institutions such as Salón (Madrid); Museu d'història de L'Hospitalet del Llobregat; Chiquita Room; Trastero 109 (Palma de Mallorca); Museu de l'Empordà (Figueres); Goethe Institut (Barcelona); Fundació Tàpies; Sant Andreu Contemporani; Arts Visuals Can Felipa; and La Casa Encendida (Madrid). She has also been a mentor for the Sala d'Art Jove. She is the co-founder of the online publishing initiative Site-Specific Conversation and she writes for artists’ publications and cultural platforms.