Consol Llupià presentation

Friday 28 January 2022, at 7 pm

The website is the result of the off-site project developed by Consol Llupià within the framework of Barcelona Producció 2019-2020. The project starts when the artist discovers the story of a 19-meter cetacean that appeared stranded and died on the beach of El Prat in May 1983. The bones of the Whale were exhibited at the Barcelona Zoo until the spring of 2018. Llupià's proposal persists in the attempt to return the skeleton to the Mediterranean Sea, restoring the mammal's ability to finally decide its fate.

Vibraera was an energetic and collective action based on the principles of Love, Joy, Unity and Cooperation that was held on May 20, 2020, coinciding with the New Spring Moon and the 37th anniversary of the discovery of the Whale on the beach of El Prat de Llobregat. The website was made after the meeting, and brings together the voices and gestures of all living beings who shared the experience.

Activity with sign language interpreter service offered by ÀGILS, collaborator of the project.

Limited capacity. Registration at