Verde croma
Quim Pujol

Verde croma

Live performance. Barcelona Producció 2017

Colours are a cultural construction which consists in pointing at a certain stripe of the light spectrum and giving it a name. This projects proposes a live action using colour expressions in order to develop a composition of words, sounds and gestures which may put into question our understanding of colour. Just like green Chroma Key screens, this piece is a surface where anything can be projected

Quim Pujol (1978) is a writer, curator and artist. He works at the boundaries between writing, the live arts and contemporary art. Since 2014, he has been exploring and modifying existing body techniques for political purposes. His latest works along these lines are Trance colectivo (2014), ASMR del futuro (2015), BDSMmm (2016) and Fregoli (2017). He has shown work in exhibitions such as Intervalo. Acciones sonoras, at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation, and Visceral Blue, at La Capella. Together with Ixiar Rozas, Pujol edited Ejercicios de ocupación (Ediciones Polígrafa, 2015) on affective theory. He curated the Irregular Section at the Mercat de les Flors between 2011 and 2015 and he has also taught on the Independent Studies Programme run by the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art).

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