Jornada de debats al CCCB
Jornada de debats al CCCB
Jornada de debats al CCCB
Print your souvenir: Taller / Anna Cánovas
Print your souvenir: Taller / Anna Cánovas
Print your souvenir: Taller / Anna Cánovas

Triple Mortal - Living, Feeling, Thinking. Activity

From 10 February to 11 March 2015. Workshop, presentation and debate

Anna Cánovas, Erques Torres, Clara Alonso, Jana Fontdevila, Domènec, Núria Ricart, Gerardo Pisarelo, Glòria Bonet, Dolo Pulido, Zaida Muxí i Roser Casanovas, Sergi Selvas and Nora Ancarola.

1. Activity

Debates at the CCCB, Room 2 
Wednesday 25 February from 10.30 am to 2.00 pm

  - Dwelling and Politics: from 10.30 am to 12.00 midday
Domènec (plastic artist)
Núria Ricart (lecturer in the Department of Sculpture of the University of Barcelona Faculty of Fine Arts)
Gerardo Pisarello (lecturer in Constitutional Law at the University of Barcelona)
Chaired by: Glòria Bonet (graphic designer and Head of External Relations at the Escola Massana)

  - Dwelling and Gender: from 12.30 to 2.00 pm
Dolo Pulido (curator and feminist activist – University of Barcelona Faculty of Fine Arts)
Zaida Muxí and Roser Casanovas (architects and lecturers at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
Sergi Selvas (visual artist)
Chaired by: Nora Ancarola (visual artist and Deputy Director of La Llotja)


2. Activity

Print Your Souvenir workshop
Anna Cánovas
Thursday 5 March at 5.00 pm in La Capella
Print Your Souvenir encourages travellers to go further by preparing a bag for them as a way to construct a personalised memento in the form of a mark, a tactile photograph to match their memories. Triple mortal (Somersault) invites you to take part in the project’s practical workshop. Tour the neighbourhood, look more closely at your surroundings, capture the minor details and then turn them into a personal object.
Make your own souvenir!
Free admission, limited number of places available. Prior booking required:


3. Activity

Revolving Door experience
From the exhibition room to the workroom

Erques Torres, Clara Alonso and Jana Fontdevila
Wednesday 11 March at 6.00 pm in the lecture hall in the Escola Massana
At this event, there will be a presentation of the complete Revolving Door season, from the theory underpinning the project to the workshops at the end. The conclusions drawn from the season will also be presented: the way a space of this nature in a design school is influential; the profile of the participating students; what hosting a project like this brings to an exhibition room; etc. Students’ shared experience in a space without grades or bureaucracy and directly related to them, like these proposals, results in the forming of workgroups capable of carrying out experimental projects as part of the season but also real projects outside it



Cafè Schilling

Escola Massana Centre d'Art i Disseny

Llotja. Escola Superior de Disseny i Art

Universitat de Barcelona

Facultat de Belles Arts - UB

Circuit d'Art contemporani de Barcelona

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