Tombstones are not flat
Screening and online conversation about the film by Carlos Fernández-Pello, with Julia Morandeira and Caterina Almirall

Tombstones Are Not Flat


Tombstones Are Not Flat by Carlos Fernández-Pello intertwines two research activities from the different fields of biology and architecture that point to the same place: imagining other possible ways of life. On the one hand, research by the biologist Anne Pringle into lichens based on the theory that they could be life forms tending towards immortality and conducted on tombstones in a cemetery. On the other hand, the post-modern architecture of Arakawa and Gins, which seeks to create “uncomfortable” spaces that supposedly would prolong the lives of those inhabiting them. The parallelism between lichens and architecture challenges us about the relationship that exists between bodies (organisms) and architecture (the environment in which they live). Understanding these forms of life leads us to question the notions of what we understand as death and life, individual and organism, body and ecosystem.

You can currently watch the movie online on demand and follow a live stream discussion on 21 December between the artist, Carlos Fernández-Pello, the exhibition curator, Caterina Almirall, and curator Julia Morandeira, who has also collaborated on previous occasions in this project by Carlos Fernández-Pello.

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