Te recuerdo de una vida futura
Michael Lawton

Te recuerdo de una vida futura (I Remember You from a Future Life)

From 28 de November to 4 February 2024. Espai Capella

I Remember You from a Future Life

Let us imagine that the universe (I mean all existing matter and space taken as a whole) is a Möbius strip, but thicker, or rather, let us imagine that the universe is a Möbius doughnut. But if that doughnut were to stretch or break, perhaps you could glimpse the self that exists in a parallel universe, the parallel you, at a different time in your life, doing something different.

This is the theme of the exhibition.

As I write forwards, you paint backwards; one day we will meet.


Michael Lawton. Born in Sheffield, UK, Lawton moved to Barcelona in 2017. He has since completed residencies at Hangar, MACBA Study Centre (CED) and began a long-term residency at La Escocesa that is still ongoing. He staged a solo exhibition, Cangles, at Fundació Arranz Bravo last year and La pedra ritual de Collserola this year at Centre d’Art Maristany. He also recently participated in the following group exhibitions: Seeing, Feeling, Forgetting, APT Gallery (London); Al alcance, Dilalica gallery (Barcelona); Aliento, Nogueras Blanchard gallery (Barcelona).