Documental de Kate Cooper i Richard John Jones encarregat per Goldin +Senneby

Síndrome SATÈL·LIT - "Looking for Headless"

From March 25 to April 25, 2013. Documentary

With the project HeadlessGoldin + Senneby explore the existence of an economic construction – also called Headless – based in a tax haven. The global economic system allows spaces of absolute abstraction in which money comes and goes in a context that wavers between dubious and lawful. Goldin + Senneby’s research process reveals the pretexts, firms and fictions that hide behind the economy.
The presentation of Headless calls for special features. The documentary is viewed in a meeting room of a global business chain and places are limited. In parallel to the documentary, Goldin + Senneby’s project includes a novel in which the people become characters and the real facts are blurred with fiction.

Tuesday 9th April,17.30h
Wednesday 17th April, 17.30h
Thursday 25th April, 17.30h

Place: Regus Barcelona

Free activity
Registration required:
Maximum capacity: 14 people per session



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