screen festival
Curator: Kika Nicolela; artists: Jorge Lozano & Alexandra Gelis (Colombia)

Screen Festival 2013. All of Us // Kuenta

Del 17 al 21 de maig del 2013. Curated rute + shortfilm

Proyection of the shortfilm Kuenta by Jorge Lozano & Alexandra Gelis (included on the curated rute by Kika Nicolela)

The Wayuu are known as the people of the sun, sand, and wind. They are located in the arid Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The Wayúu language is part of the Arawak family and is called Wayuunaiki. One of the most important and characteristic ancestral and cultural value is weaving. Through the use of interventions and casual travel recordings the artists weave an unfolding and decentered narrative, an assemblage of intensities, endless doing and un-doings in this land of constant sun, sand and wind. Kuenta is part of a series of travelogues that deal with landscapes and what is hidden beneath these landscapes.

Time: 19'15'' / Year: 2012
Proyection days: del 17 al 25 de mayo
Tuesday to Saturday: 12-14h y 16-20h
Sunday and holidays: 11-14h

Further information: Screen Festival 2013