A REVEURE, PETER PUNK! Sant Andreu Contemporani

From 8 July to 28 August 2022

Sant Andreu Contemporani presents A reveure, Peter Punk! in La Capella.

We’re all familiar with the story of Peter Pan, the boy who did not want to grow up. The idea of being able to play and have no responsibilities, at least those of adults, your whole life long is all very well and good. But there is a lot of satisfaction to be had in being able to become independent. And that, as things stand today, requires financial stability. There are some professions which, because of their association with play, creativity and other logics that do not correspond to more conventional jobs, are deemed to be of lesser importance and equated with hobbies. Consequently, they are not taken seriously and so are more precarious. Artists are not Peter Pan or Peter Punk, the parodic version of the character.

A reveure, Peter Punk! features a selection of pieces in the work category of the 2022 Miquel Casablancas Visual Arts Competition, a selection of the portfolios in the other categories (project, mediation and graphic communication) and the projects of the artists on the 2021 SAC–FiC Residencies Programme.

Sant Andreu Contemporani (SAC) is a public programme aimed at young artists in the Sant Andreu district and is supported by the ICUB (Barcelona Institute of Culture). Structured around the Miquel Casablancas Visual Arts Competition, the programme supports artists at the stage when they are becoming professional, helping them to gain experience by producing exhibition projects and publications, offering residencies for artists and curators and organising activities.



Irene de Andrés / Nora Aurrekoetxea / Alexander Arilla Velázquez / Irati Inoriza / Jorge Isla / Biel Llinàs / Anna Irina Russell / Marta van Tartwijk / Aldo Urbano / Art Builders Group

SAC-FIC residents:

Alexander Arilla Velázquez / Eduard Ruiz / Marta Velasco Velasco


Anna Fando Morell / Biel Llinàs / Julián Pacomio / Tinta Fina (Núria Inés)

Colectivo Kiltra (Andrea Carrión + Felipe Robles) / Conjuntos Empáticos (Sálvora Feliz + Marta Benito)

Graphic communication:
Diego Calvo Cubero / Jimmy Genovard / Buenu, col·lectiva gràfica