Giuliana Racco, Revelando
Giuliana Racco


From 24 November 2022 to 8 January 2023

Revelando: a community-based art project combining food, photography and social in/exclusion

Revelar: from the Latin revelare (‘to remove the veil’), formed by the prefix re (in this case, ‘backwards’) + the word velum (‘cloth, curtain’)

This exhibition presents the collective results of a number of creative laboratories led by artist Giuliana Racco that took place at the Centre Cívic El Sortidor in the spring/summer of 2022, with participants from various social inclusion organisations operating in Barcelona’s Poble-sec neighbourhood.

The experimental sustainable photography workshops acted as a pretext to develop and extend the relational and critical aspects of a process centred on self-narrating migration and social in/exclusion experiences. Participants were able to produce semi-stable fixed images on paper by using food and recycled material. Considering the time required to develop the photographs, the small darkroom became a space where stories and experiences of their migration journeys were shared.

Revelando presents, among other items, a slowly fading, ephemeral wall piece made up of anthotypes whose details gradually disappear over the course of the exhibition because of their photosensitivity. It also includes twin posters based on texts and material collected during the sessions and designed in collaboration with the artist Núria Marqués.

The exhibition can be complemented with a visit to the Centre Cívic El Sortidor (Poble-sec), where the large-format photograph entitled Revelando is on display, a permanent donation by the artist to the centre.

With the participation of: Núria Marqués

In collaboration with: Fundació ”la Caixa” (Art for Change programme), Centre Cívic El Sortidor, CRI Creu dels Molers – Sant Joan de Déu Serveis Socials, BAC Cuinetes, Tasta’m – Fundació Servei Solidari, Pla d’acollida Poble-sec per a Tothom – Coordinadora d’Entitats del Poble-sec


This exhibition is part of the Concèntric program. La Capella's Concèntric program collaborates with Homesession by establishing links to give visibility to artists who participate in their residencies.


Giuliana Racco. Giuliana Racco’s artistic practice questions identity, in/exclusion and desire, as well as how these are culturally established. She uses fieldwork, media representation research and collective storytelling to co-generate new imaginaries. Her work takes the form of long-term participatory projects, videos, publications, drawings, texts and so on. She is intensively active in educational, curatorial and editorial work and has participated in international research and residency programmes (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Luxembourg, Palestine and Israel). Her work has been featured in institutions such as the Fundació Suñol and Arts Santa Mònica, Spain; Rijeka Museum of Contemporary Art, Croatia; Strasbourg Museum of Contemporary Art and CAP Saint-Fons, France; Kulturcentrum Ronneby, Sweden; Fondazione Bevilacqua, Italy; and Frith Street Gallery, London. She is currently completing a PhD in Environmental Arts and Social Justice at York University, Toronto.