El poder de les begudes simbiòtiques
Workshop by Ruben Verdú

The Power of Symbiotic Drinks

Saturday 26 February 2022, 5-7pm

Introductory workshop on how to cultivate kombucha, an easy-to-make probiotic drink that helps you to keep your immune system healthy. It is a source of living organisms that contribute positively to maintaining the intestinal flora. It is also a source of antioxidants and vitamin B, acts as an antibiotic against bacterial pathogens, lowers high cholesterol levels and slows down the digestion of carbohydrates. Although the tradition of kombucha cultivation is thousands of years old, microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry are now studying its use in treating functional disorders. Kombucha has recently been proposed as a suitable beverage for consumption by astronauts on long space missions, as its community of living organisms is an efficient source of bacterial nanocellulose, and it is able to survive long periods of time under extraterrestrial conditions.

Venue: Espai Finestres, Centre d’Art La Capella.

Prior registration at lacapella@bcn.cat.

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