Performance “Sweet Fever” de Pere Faura, Berlin. Foto: Mauricio Serrado

Performance Sweet Fever by Pere Faura, Berlin. Photo: Mauricio Serrado

A workshop by Pere Faura organized by A*DESK


From 20 to 22 June 2023. Registration required

Trans-disciplinary score workshop. Transforming the object into action


This theoretical-practical workshop proposes a 3-day framework, 3 hours a day, to explore the concept of performative score, understanding it as the creation or manipulation of any material object with the aim of turning it into the engine and guide of a performative event.

The idea is to transform any work of art or artistic material, and also any non-artistic object (i.e. a painting, a song, a photograph, a poem, a keychain or a scooter) into a map to be read, a recipe to be performed, the steps of a dance never danced, a script to be interpreted, or the instructions of a newly invented game.

The proposal, then, is to understand any work of art and any object, not as the final result of a previous process of creation, but as the beginning of a new creative process in the future.

We will seek, mainly, what strategies and practices we can use to translate this object into the content of a performance. That is to say, we will try to convert an object created within a certain discipline and following a certain technique, into a pattern or potential of physical material, of bodily action. The idea is to understand it as an artistic practice to generate and regenerate the imaginaries that we use as sparks that lead us towards creation, and that, at the same time, it is also useful in the processes of articulation of these same imaginaries. How to create moments of inspiration for our intuition, and how to find the words to be able to share this intuition.


Each day will be divided into three parts, each lasting approximately one hour:

1- We will start the day dancing, with a brief physical warm-up to connect with our body and our environment from very simple choreographic proposals suitable for all diversity of bodies. And then, we will study some examples of artists from different disciplines, whose practice involves the use of scores.

2 – During the second hour, we will appropriate the ideas and methodologies of these artists, as inspiration to build our own scores.

3 – Scores, which during the last hour, will be performed in front of the whole group and later, analyzed and discussed.


Playing with the construction of the word “partitura” [score] will allow us to contextualize each day in a semantic, symbolic and artistic umbrella, each day different. The first day will be the day of the “PA”, the second day will be the day of the “PARTIT”, and the third day will be the day of the “PARTITURA”.

The initial proposal is that on the last day, part or all of the scores made during the workshop will be shared with an audience. But there is no need to feel pressured to show anything if you do not want to, so during the workshop, we will be negotiating among all how to create this space to share the scores, without the obligation to be forced.



The workshop is open to everyone of legal age, artist or not, professional or amateur, art lover or restless lover. Any practitioner of any artistic discipline will be welcome, as well as all those who suffer from any degree of shyness or stage fright and do not have all of them to come to a performance workshop. Don’t worry, because the idea is that everyone always feels comfortable with the way of being and being present, and that’s why everyone will choose the way they want to be part of the workshop and how they want to interact with the other participants.

Surely we will discover many more ways to experience it, but basically, the idea is to experience it through one of these three roles:

– As a score creator. You will be able to choose whether you want to create scores individually or collectively and the performance of each score can also be done by the creator himself or by other participants of the workshop.

– As a performer of scores, either your own or those of others.

– As an external observer. If you don’t like or don’t feel like being creative or very participative, but, nevertheless, you are interested in the proposal and are motivated to come and be part of the workshop and the discussion sessions, go ahead and come!



The minimum number of participants is 5 people



Tuesday June 20, Wednesday June 21 and Thursday June 22


Tuesday June 20 and Wednesday June 21, from 5 to 8 pm

Thursday June 22, from 6 to 9 pm. From 7 pm onwards, public presentation of the results and processes of the workshop.

At La Capella. Hospital, 56. 08001 Barcelona

Activity related to the Concentric Program of La Capella, a program of collaboration with other spaces, with special attention to the independent initiative.



Send email to, indicating the subject of the email: Participation in the workshop “PA_PARTIT_PARTITURA” by Pere Faura.