Open Panoràmic
Concèntric: La Capella / Panoràmic / Escola Massana

Open Panoràmic

From 19 October to 26 November 2023

The exhibition Open Panoràmic brings into dialogue the work of the six finalist artists of the national artistic call organised by the Festival Panoràmic around image and video. This edition is coordinated by the curator Federica Matelli, and the video works revolve around documentary, experimentation and visual essay.

The exhibition is also a collaboration between the Festival Panoràmic, the art centre La Capella and the Escola Massana, thus testing a working model that connects aspects of training, production and dissemination of emerging art.


This exhibition at the Escola Massana is part of Concèntric, a programme of La Capella that establishes relationships of complicity with similar art spaces and projects.


Artists: Cecilia Hernández, Jordi Cabestany, Edurne Herrán, Xavi Carrión, Lucía Morón and Marijo Ribas.




This festival explores the relationship between film, photography and new forms of images, and promotes and encourages the search for new languages and audiovisual narratives.

It was created with the aim of providing a critical pedagogy of the image aimed at audiences that are increasingly immersed in visual environments and, therefore, with a desire to provide a service.