The Barcelona Producció 2022-2023 jury, consisting of Pilar Cruz, Antònia Folguera, Daniel Gasol and Marc Vives, has selected eighteen projects from 422 proposals, the highest participation in recent editions. The result is an intergenerational program in which coexist technological and scientific projects; lines of research and thought coming from activism, and also meta-referential initiatives on the same artistic context.

This year's edition includes the incorporation of a new exhibition space: the Espai Rampa, which will host three solo exhibitions and one curatorial exhibition, doubling the exhibitions that can be seen at La Capella in relation to previous seasons. On the other hand, the mediation project is no longer one of the modalities of the call to become a structural line of La Capella Art Center.

The Barcelona Producció call is aimed at the city's artistic community and its area of ​​influence and encourages the realization of projects that need production resources and institutional support to be carried out and that follow closely the discursive lines of contemporary art. It is aimed at the artistic emergency, understanding it beyond generational positions, to set up a program in which young profiles coexist with artists with more careers but with little institutional support. It has a budget of € 61,000 in fees and € 96,500 in production. The rules of the call establish the distribution of the budget, which ranges between € 2,000 and € 6,000 in relation to fees and between € 1,500 and € 20,000 for production.

The eighteen projects that will be part of the program of La Capella Art Center as a result of the Barcelona Producció 2022-2023 call are:


Solo Exhibitions

Carmen de AyoraCabra se convierte en mochuela – Espai Capella

Diego PaonessaOtra luz cegadora – Espai Capella

Mónica RikićHipertèlia – Espai Capella

Jaume ClotetNew Ywork – Espai Rampa

Iván GómezinFirmitas – Espai Rampa

Julia VarelaLa imatge prové de l’interior d’una fàbrica de pantalles led a Xangai, Xina. – Espai Rampa


Curatorial Exhibitions

Núria Gómez GabrielÁngel peligrosamente búho [duelos, espectros y materialidad] – Espai Capella

Zaida TralleroQuan ja no escalfa el sol – Espai Rampa      


Off-site Projects

Estel BoadaPertú (La Ofrena)

Ricardo Cárdenas,  A la deriva. Contra-narrativas emocionales de la inmigración



Marta Echaves,Tres veces dije fuego

Carolina Jiménez and Lorenzo SandovalRitmoepistemologías



Pau MagranéANX N PVC


Live performance

Carolina CamposOtro lado es un día

Eduard EscoffetUtopia i esclavatge

Carolina OlivaresLa mondonga


Digital Environments

Andrés GaleanoNephogram

Enrique RadigalesLa salvaje experiencia de usuario