Pantalles: La Capella: Escena 3

Today in the Pantalles program on Betevé channel, you will see a review of Scene 3 POLI-

The third of the six scenes that celebrate the 25th anniversary of La Capella puts on stage a prefix to imagine the new biopolitical and police modalities in the polycentric city: in the polis.

With Eloy Fernández Porta.

Artists: Benzo / David Bestué / Carles Congost / June Crespo / Lucía Egaña / Laia Estruch / Pol Gorezje / Ariadna Guiteras + TMTMTM / Daniel Jacoby / Rasmus Nilausen / Alex Reynolds / Julia Spínola / Jon Uriarte / Marc Vives

Today at 22:20 h on Betevé. You can also see it online in the link (original language: Catalan).