New Ywork by Jaume Clotet
New Ywork by Jaume Clotet
Jaume Clotet

New Ywork

From 11 October 2022 to 8 January 2023. Espai Rampa

I’ve decided to leave.
        I always arrive late
                   and I’m in a hurry and go slowly

                   My dream is to be a comedian.
                                To make people laugh and to make a living off laughter.

                                But where I live, comedy ignores me.
                                              I’m like a fish out of a pot.

                                              I’m keen for adventure…
                                                         So I’ve decided to fulfil my dream
                                                                        and travel to the Mecca of entertainment:
                                                                                                                        New Ywork.


Jaume Clotet (Manresa, 1994) graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. His solo exhibitions to date are: NeoGroupie (Galeria SiS, 2015), INTEGRAL (La Capella, 2019), Diverrealism (Habitación 34, 2021) and 20vingut (etHALL project space, 2020-2021), for which he was awarded the GAC prize for the best up-and-coming artist of 2020. Since 2019, he has been co-directing, with Alicia Garrido, the Cabaret Internet show, various performances of which have been put on at venues such as El Pumarejo, Sala Vol and Hangar, as well as a special edition for Art Nou 2021.