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Guim Camps, Remedios Zafra and Jamie Woodcock

Network culture and creation as work. Talks on Virtual Union of Mods project

Tuesday 14 & 28 July at 8.00 p.m. Online

Online activity

The Virtual Union of Mods project is a virtual association, i.e., non-existent, that is dedicated, firstly, to collecting, sorting and classifying mods (alterations made in video games by gamers), in particular those mods associated with the working class and social justice; and secondly to generating virtual spaces for discussion with the players, inviting academic experts to confront their theories on the employment crisis in practical terms.

Remedios Zafra

In this context, Remedios Zafra was invited to develop a talk on mods, work in the digital era, precariousness and community-based initiatives.

When: Tuesday 14 July at 8.00 p.m.


Language: Spanish.

Live chat with Remedios Zafra and the Virtual Mods Syndicate.


Remedios Zafra xerrada Sindicat virtual de mods


Jamie Woodcock

Jamie Woodcock, author of the book Marx at the Arcade, will talk about the relationship between video games, class and political struggles and the origin of video games, which is closely related to hacker culture and mods.

When: Tuesday 28 July at 8.00 p.m.


Language: English with Catalan and Spanish subtitles.

Live chat with Jamie Woodcock and the Virtual Union of Mods.

Jamie Woodcock





Remedios Zafra, Network culture and creation as work (Spanish with English subtitles)
Jamie Woodcock
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