Mercè Ortega, Les meves coses
Mercè Ortega

Mis cosas (My Things)

Wednesday 22 September, 2021, at 7 pm

My Things takes a critical, accusatory stance to inform us about the responses of individuals pressured and oppressed by the materialistic, superficial values promoted by the capitalist consumerist system. Values that are sold to individuals, eager for affection and recognition, with the promise of becoming better, rebuilding their identity, identities that are applauded, accepted and recognised.

My Things arises from the desire for self-criticism and the need for redress as victims of the slavery of accumulating goods, material things, often unnecessary and extremely difficult to rid oneself of because of one’s attachment to them. Things that take up vital space and time, burdens that are too heavy, that tie us down, immobilise and prevent us from advancing.


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Mercè Ortega Ferrer (Barcelona, 1962)

Visual artist. Her work filters through the hybridisation of languages, with action acquiring considerable prominence, enabling her to impact more directly on reality. Her main drive is social criticism, encouraged by her own personal experience.

Her works include: El pes d’una imatge - Testimoni atemporal (Espai d’Art Contemporani Can Xerracan), SORTIDA-SALIDA-EXIT (Música per a camaleons incívics exhibition), Pato be Esthetic (Museu Municipal Joan Abelló), Culte a un error (Fundació Espais d’Art Contemporani), Fràgil (Festival eBent’02), Transcendir (Maschinenhaus Essen-Produktionsort der Künste) and Projecte Pallassa. La meva segona pell (presented at Foro de Arte Contemporáneo Quam2010 and Mostra d’Art Contemporani THAMBOS9).