il•lustració: Camilo Pazmiño

Illustration by Camilo Pazmiño

Presentation of publications

Mediation as a Sensible Attunement of More-than-human Bodies, Experiences, Processes and Environments

Saturday 23 April 2022, 5-7pm

Presentation of the publications Cultivating a Multispecies Sensibility. An Illustrated Coexistence Manual of the Llobregat River Delta, by Adrianna Szojda, Francisco Rocha, Samuel Tettner and Camilo Pazmiño; and Recalibrating Senses, Knowledge, Practices and Worlds: Interviews with the Artists in Multispecies Imaginaries (La Capella, 2022). These publications have been produced as part of the collaboration between the training seminar on curatorship On Mediation/8 and the Working group on the hybrid ecologies of the Llobregat Delta.

Venue: Espai Finestres, Centre d’Art La Capella. Prior registration at

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