Mediation is one of the challenges of La Capella's current model, and our will is to grow progressively, while demonstrating our own way of defining mediation from the center. Currently, we are still in a period of review, but with a series of programs and solid educational dynamics that allow us to draw a discursive and procedural basis.

The mediation program proposes a double objective. First, establish links with the educational community. Secondly, to promote relationships of complicity with our immediate environment: the Raval neighborhood.

In relation to the educational community, La Capella is part of the Apadrina program, where this year we have generated an increase in schools linked to the center. Currently, we work with five primary and secondary schools, and this generates a dynamic of shared work, with sessions at schools and institutes and sessions at La Capella.

For the first year, La Capella is part of the Espais C municipal project, an artist's coexistence experience in a primary school, while sharing artistic practice with the school's day-to-day life and rehearsing experimental educational models and flexible In our case, we are starting a collaboration with Escola Aldana. Mediator Judit López is in charge of the Apadrina and the Espai C project.

In addition, La Capella hosts educational city projects within its exhibition program, such as En Residència or the Interfícies project of the Transductores mediation collective.

Finally, we have a program of guided visits to the exhibitions, this edition also with the artists, as well as workshops aimed at children and families.

As for the Raval neighborhood, La Capella maintains a relationship of complicity with Tot Raval, providing resources and establishing relationships with neighborhood associations. We also actively participate in particularly unique events in the neighborhood, such as the Raval(s) Festival that takes place in November. In this year's edition, La Capella organizes drawing workshops with the artist Tere Recarens.

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