La llenya escalfa dues vegades
Guiu/Laia Gimeno Bardis, Laura Roig

La llenya escalfa dues vegades (Firewood Heats Twice)

Tuesday 14 November 2023, at 6.30 pm

The woodchopping competition is one of the oldest, most popular traditions of the town of these artists, Torrelles de Llobregat. It is held annually in memory of all those people who worked and lived in the forests: woodcutters.

La llenya escalfa dues vegades (Firewood Heats Twice) stems from the desire to share this rural festivity, using the competition as a way to bring the languages of oral tradition onto the stage, transporting the action from the forest to La Capella’s Sala Gran. The piece engages in a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity and uses action to explore and question the history and many acts of violence perpetuated by this tradition. The performance unfolds in three staged moments: the forest, the muleteers’ journey and kicking off the woodchopping competition in La Capella’s Sala Gran. Instagram Live will be the device that generates the live broadcast of this tradition’s journey, from the forest to the city.

*Live instagram in @lacapellabcn from 10 am

Guiu/Laia Gimeno Bardis & Laura Roig are two lifelong friends who decided to work together to explore the possibility of a dialogue between their contemporaneity and the popular folklore of their village. Their first piece, Galop de Panderetes (2022), premiered at Hangar and was reprogrammed at the Rihihiu festival.