La ley es crimen, Daniel Gasol
Daniel Gasol / Chiquita Room

La ley es crimen

Tuesday 7 March 2023, at 7 pm

Screening of No se os puede dejar solos (You Can’t Be Left Alone), a video that is part of Daniel Gasol’s project Orden público: vagos, maleantes y peligrosidad social (Public Order: Vagrants, Miscreants and Social Danger) which features testimony from seven people who would today be serving sentences in accordance with the legal framework of the Ley de Vagos, Maleantes y Peligrosidad Social (Vagrancy Act), enacted during the Second Republic and not repealed until well after the establishment of democracy in Spain.

At the screening, Gasol will be presenting the second edition of his book La ley es crimen (The Law Is Criminal) and will be speaking about the archives of this act and about the clinical reports drawn up during sexual conversion therapies, one of the areas on which he is working and researching today.

Daniel Gasol presented the exhibition Orden público: vagos, maleantes y peligrosidad social in Chiquita Room between 2021 and 2022. La Capella is hosting this screening in collaboration with Chiquita Room as part of the Concentric programme.

Chiquita Room is a contemporary art and creation centre that is active as a gallery, a residency for artists, a producer and curator of projects, a publisher of artist’s books and an affordable art collecting club. It shows artists and projects that reflect themes of topical interest to society from a critical, innovative and collective perspective.