La Barrejada
Lina Ruiz, Columba Zavala, Raúl M. Candela

La Barrejada, laboratori culinari-creatiu (The Mix, Culinary-Creative Laboratory)

From 5 April to 7 June 2024. Prior registration is required

We think of the kitchen as a place for community thought and action, a device for collective research and creation processes.

Through the use of narratives extending across food, the act of cooking and eating together as well as various artistic languages such as words (poetry), sounds (music), images (film), the body (dance and performativity), our aim is to create a space for experimentation and play, in which culinary and artistic actions can take place as we explore several challenging questions: What is the origin of recipes? And that of a poem? How is knowledge transmitted? When does the artistic act occur? How are gender roles historically constructed in the kitchen and how can we transform them? And in art?

We imagine La Barrejada as a sum of ingredients, people, languages and stories that are mixed in a common pot, in a stirred pot or in a stew in order to create a common territory. Therefore, the kitchen located in Local de la Puri and the recovered space of Solar de la Puri, in the neighbourhood of El Poble-sec, will be the places to activate this dialogue in which various artistic techniques and languages can converge.


Free activity. Prior registration is required

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